A standard tourist Spain Visa is allotted to people to travel to travel to the Spainn Federation which is a document, permitting stay in Spain for a specific period of time. The visa allows an individual to enter the country for work, business, of sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, or attending conferences, cultural events, artistic events or religious ceremony purposes. The single entry visa is valid for 3 months or less than that from the date of issue.

Visa Fees: 7560/- Onwards
Processing Days: 15 Working Days
Visa Type: Business / Tourism / Work / Study Visa

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Documents Required for SPAIN Visa

Common Documents for Spain Visa

  • Passport
  •  Validity – Six months
  •  A photocopy of duly filled visa application form
  •  Two colour photographs
  •  Covering letter from the applicant stating the purpose and duration of the visit
  •  Original confirmed return/onward air ticket
  •  Proof of hotel reservation
  •  Original and photocopy of Income Tax Returns and photocopy of pan card
  •  Original and photocopy of Investment documents

Documents for Tourist - Spain Visa

  • All specified documents
  •  Old passports and visa
  •  Copy of leave letters from employer, school or college
  •  Proof of accommodation during entire stay in al Schengen countries
  •  Salary slip for last 6 months
  •  Income tax returns for last 3 years
  •  Travel insurance
  •  Retirement proof/company registration proof/school college ID and copy

Documents for Business - Spain Visa

  • All specified documents
  •  Business registration proof
  •  Taxation proof
  •  Copy of the invitation from the company
  •  Conference/event registration details